Next Meeting


March 19, 7pm

Cuero Municipal Library in Cuero, TX

Photoshare: Vintage


Next Meeting


February 19 , 7pm

Cuero Municipal Library in Cuero, TX

Photoshare: In The Window

February Program: Danny Vivian, Small Town Texas: An iPhone Journal


This month Danny Vivian will present his iPhone photography through small Texas towns. For years I have traveled across Texas and through so many small towns, each with its own unique charms, quirks, and oddities. I am fascinated by what I come across and have enjoyed capturing those interesting sights with my camera. As a professional photographer, I often mentor new photographers and answer questions from photography hobbyists. I enjoy sharing my passion with others, but was often frustrated by those who said to me, “I could take good pictures too if I had a fancy camera like yours.” I would reply by asking them if they could write a best-selling novel if they had a really fancy pen. I would explain that if one has an eye for art and composition, beautiful photographs could be made with the simplest of equipment, even a cell phone. That was the genesis of this project. I wanted to capture the beauty, charms, and uniqueness of the small Texas towns I passed through without my “fancy camera”. In other words, I wanted to make artistic photographs of what I discovered, using the simplest of gear. It has been a fun and rewarding journey, and it is my pleasure to share it with you.


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