Our contest photos are now displayed at the Cuero Public Library, and will be on display until May 2. The judges interview video is now posted on our Facebook page.

Next Meeting


May 21, 2019, 7pm

Cuero Municipal Library in Cuero, TX

Photoshare: Texas History


Next Meeting


March 19, 7pm

Cuero Municipal Library in Cuero, TX

Photoshare: Vintage


Next Meeting


February 19 , 7pm

Cuero Municipal Library in Cuero, TX

Photoshare: In The Window

February Program: Danny Vivian, Small Town Texas: An iPhone Journal


This month Danny Vivian will present his iPhone photography through small Texas towns. For years I have traveled across Texas and through so many small towns, each with its own unique charms, quirks, and oddities. I am fascinated by what I come across and have enjoyed capturing those interesting sights with my camera. As a professional photographer, I often mentor new photographers and answer questions from photography hobbyists. I enjoy sharing my passion with others, but was often frustrated by those who said to me, “I could take good pictures too if I had a fancy camera like yours.” I would reply by asking them if they could write a best-selling novel if they had a really fancy pen. I would explain that if one has an eye for art and composition, beautiful photographs could be made with the simplest of equipment, even a cell phone. That was the genesis of this project. I wanted to capture the beauty, charms, and uniqueness of the small Texas towns I passed through without my “fancy camera”. In other words, I wanted to make artistic photographs of what I discovered, using the simplest of gear. It has been a fun and rewarding journey, and it is my pleasure to share it with you.


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