Slide Scanning and Photo Restoration

At the November meeting, Ele Chew Wright presented a program on scanning and restoring slides. I the link below Ele explanes the processes a tools needed to scan and restore slides.

Photo Restoration Handout



Think About Why You Take Photos

At the September meeting, Jack Greeson talked about looking to other art forms to gain inspiration for photography. As an example he shared Joyce Didonato’s commencement speech at Juilliard. She talks about her truths that inspire her work. Jack thinks we all should find our own truths, but sometimes we can be inspired by others. Below is a link tho the commencement speech that Joyce Didonato gave at Juilliard.


Joyce Didonato


What Birds Eat

A list of birds with the seed that they prefer to help lure the birds you would like to photograph.

Click link below.

Birds and Birdseeds


Quick Photo Editing

Presented by Marsha Gibson


At the July Marsha Gibson used PS Elements to demonstrate some quick editing tips showing the following techniques:

•dodging and burning with layers and blend modes

•protect and defend cloning

•correcting color with a levels adjustment layer

•correcting a strong color cast

•portrait retouching

This was a very informative program. She shared some very helpful tips, especially on using layers. She also shared alot of the keyboard shortcuts that can make editing easier. Below are three links to the program handouts that Marsha used.


Quick Editing Tips to Make Your Photos Pop

Creating Layer Masks

Keyboard Shortcuts






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