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Dianna Bartosh

Born and reared in De Witt County, Dianna Spinks Bartosh has loved photography since childhood and is a charter member of the DeWitt County shutterbugs. She began shooting with a small Brownie camera that did not have a flash and graduated to an “instamatic” that had a flashcube for illumination during high school. After college, obtaining a teaching certificate, and teaching for a while (English and history) she purchased her first SLR, a Mamyia Secor in the early 1970’s and began studying the elements of photography from books, classes, and from other photographers. Then after the turn of the twenty first century, she discovered digital photography, which became a reality and made the applied science of photography into a creative art as well. Bartosh enjoys photographing many subjects, but her favorites include historical subjects of any kind, cultural and folk events and macro photography for nature (especially wildflowers). She believes, like Georgia O’Keefe, that if a subject is viewed up close, its beauty is more evident, so make it big.

Michele Bennett

Michele is a lifelong resident of Cuero. She has always been creative and crafty. She vividly recalls designing and sewing doll clothes by hand with scraps from her mom’s material pile. She was constantly creating something. Her creative pursuits continued into adulthood with sewing, painting, writing, drawing, wood-burning, digital scrapbooking, reading and photography. She has always enjoyed photography, and the love for it has grown tremendously through the years. She enjoys trying new ideas and techniques with her photography, and tries to think outside the box. She devours books and tutorials, increasing her knowledge and continuing to improve and develop her craft. She loves to capture the beauty all around her, from the minute details of a flower, the determination on her daughter’s face as she competes, to the intricate setups of a still life. God’s artistry is all around us, and photography is a passion. Each photograph is connected to a memory. . . an idea. . . or a feeling. . . each one is special and unique in it’s own way.

Debbie Granberry

Debbie Granberry is a former elementary schoolteacher who retired to Cuero with her husband in 2011. Her interest in photography dates back to the days of instamatics and magicubes. “Having grown up in the Iowa and Illinois, I enjoy the beauty of winter weather and especially enjoy photographing scenes of my native state of Iowa.”


Glenn Robertson


Fain Zimmerman

My main interests in photography are birds and wildlife. Roger & I like to travel to different areas to seed any new wildlife that we might have missed before, but we also just enjoy trying to take better photos of those we’ve already seen. It’s a great excuse to be out enjoying nature! We’ve very fortunate to live in an area with so many species of birds within easy driving distance as well! We have traveled to Africa several times, and this is my very most favorite place to be!


Ryan Parker

Ryan Parker, originally from Pipe Creek TX, in Bandera County, recently relocated to Yoakum TX. Although he misses the Hill Country, he is loving the charm of DeWitt County. His favorite photography subjects are plants, animals & abandoned structures
He has a love of nature and growing things, and looks forward to seeing all the new plants & animals in DeWitt County. He is very much looking forward to learning more about photography from the members of the Shutterbugs Photography Club.


Dee Henneke

Dee Henneke is a charter member of the DeWitt County Shutterbug Camera Club.  She originally wanted to help organize the club to encourage people to take pictures of the local wildflowers. She enjoys ‘clicking’ her camera for making memory images.  Her interests include Bible studies, ranching, travel, reading,  and also photography.