Photographer of the Month. . .

May 2022 Photographer of the Month is Peggy Oliver. Her theme is “My Travels”, her collection includes photos from the Caribbean, Alaska, and Germany.

March 2022 Photographer of the Month is Shanna Burge.

These past few years I have seen God working in my life by having me move down here, start my interest of picture taking and being part of the DeWitt County Shutterbugs. Right before the pandemic, I volunteered to become the church secretary for our 2 country churches, St John Lutheran Church of Westhoff & Lindenau.  I felt like there should be a presence of these two churches on social media and decided to setup the pages for them using pictures that I had taken of each church.  After establishing these pages, the pandemic happened, and I now had a way to get God’s word out through our Facebook pages, since we were not able to have church. Moving forward to this past year, our churches decided to switch from ELCA to NALC and I felt the need to be part of the call committee to find a new pastor.  Our committee was told that a video of our churches and the area would help give the pastors out there a better feel of the area.  With that said, I was nominated to make that video.  The pictures you see here are a few of the pictures used.  If you would like to see the video, it can be found on our YouTube page St John Lutheran WL.

Please feel free to look up our little country churches!  Our website is

February 2022 Photographer of the Month is Ryan Parker. His photos are all about Texas, most taken locally in DeWitt County.